High rises, condos and homes one room or the whole place. We use temporary wall barriers to keep the mess to the possible minimum and are adept at working within home association rules, regulations and time frames. The majority of our work for associations and the people within them and of that business 99% is referral Our crew works hard during the off months of April through October, while many are out of state.

We own a facility and self manufacture our cabinets and also have a marble granite counter top manufacturing center. Fully insured and licensed general contractor in the state of Florida and Michigan. Chandler Construction subcontracts less than 1% of our work and that is in cases when a dedicated professional is a must and environmental issues.

We specialize in Kitchen and Bathroom remodeling, bedroom renovations and so many more projects. We also offer backlit countertops, custom LED accent lighting and home theaters.

For kitchen's, bathroom's and home remodeling in Palm Beach FL call us at (561) 840-6496.