Uniquely Designed Luxury Interior Remodeling

Kitchen & Bathroom Contractor
Singer Island FL

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling on Singer Island by Aaron Chandler Construction. Our team has extensive experience remodeling Condos on Singer Island. We have been working on the Island since 2005 and have completed dozens of kitchen and bathroom remodels. Our customer showroom is located in North Palm Beach just minutes away from the Island. Our customers can choose flooring, granite, marble, cabinets, hardware and even paint colors all within our lavish private showroom. We offer complete Condo or home remodeling or just one room at a time. Our experienced design and architectural team is able to move quickly to get your project finished in a much shorter time versus typical home improvement contractors.

You can expect a better experience with our team. Our staff has been trained to make your remodeling as minimally invasive as possible. We strictly adhere to all association policies for contractor remodeling and work with each association to ensure that we are a prefered contractor in each building. When possible, we use private outside engineering inspectors so we are not held up waiting on overworked city building code inspectors. This practice can reduce your renovation time by greater than 50% and keep the renovation on schedule.

With the exception of complex electrical or plumbing, all renovating and remodeling is performed by employees of Aaron Chandler Construction. We maintain and build all of our custom cabinets in our shop with our employees.